13 Photos to Take Once You Pick a Venue

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Once you've seen a few potential wedding venues, everything can kind of run together, and you'll be left trying to remember exactly what the chairs looked like at your spot. So we've put together a list of photos you should try to take once you've signed your contract. This is especially helpful if you're planning a wedding out of town!

Photos to take of your wedding venue:

  1. The roadside entrance–check for signage or landmarks to help your guests find the place
  2. The parking lot–you'll want to remember how many cars can fit, in case you need to bus guests in or encourage car pooling.
  3. The bathrooms–you may want to spruce them up with lights (candles work great!) or add baskets of toiletries
  4. The windows and curtains–in case you want to change them; you'll also want to think about where you place the head table. For example, you don't want photos of you and your wedding party if there's a parking lot out of the window behind you.
  5. The walls and artwork–in case you want to change it (or work it into your theme!)
  6. Flooring–note where there is tile and carpet and any built-in dance floor
  7. Tables and chairs–you'll want to see if their chairs fit your mod theme, for example, or note if you'll want to cover them. Also ask about shape and size of tables (rounds of 8 or 10 people, for example).
  8. Tableware and linens–you might love their standard wares or want to change
  9. Signage–in case you want to cover up anything or add wedding-specific signs
  10. Doorways–so you can remember if you need to add directional signs (bathrooms through here, coat check that-a-way) or spotlight any for a grand entrance or photo
  11. Two people standing in the ceremony spot–then you can remember the exact size (will 10 bridesmaids fit?) and know how much decorating to do
  12. Anything you'd like fixed–peeling paint, loose steps, a spotty lawn
  13. The entrance–so you know how to decorate it

Hopefully this list will help you avoid endless trips to your wedding ceremony location to check on small details. Happy planning!

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