2012 Wedding Flower Trends

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We asked local wedding florist Boka for some insights on wedding flower trends for 2012. All images are of their most recent work.

We know that most weddings are thought out and planned far in advance; its practical and helpful. This will also enable you to learn what the upcoming seasonal trends are, as well as which have been introduced and possibly carried over from the previous year. Like fashion and interior design, wedding flower designs have their trends, and these are transcended and highlighted in the bridal planning.

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Romantic and vintage is the flower wedding fashion influence for 2012. The abundant use of flowers and those that have a high petal count remain to be in demand. Meaning large bloomed flowers that give the appearance of being in full bloom that have that hand picked appearance like those found in an English garden. Flowers like roses, peonies, ranunculus, hydrangeas, lisanthus and anenomies to name a few. Whether combined with others or used independently the look is ample!

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The shape also contributes to the old world romantic look to the bouquet. The tight round hand tied bouquets with clusters of flower groupings in the arrangement are what make this suggestion.  This will continue to be highlighted in 2012; a greater use of texture and the variety of texture will be featured. Including the popularity and interest in the use of miniature succulents and cactus like foliage in the bridal bouquet design. So out with the waxy foliages and in with those like Dusty Miller a velvet feel and dusty gray/green color foliage. Feathers too are also being added as a fun accessory to the bouquets, adding whimsy and character; plumes soften and give movement and they come in a big color range to add more pop to the bouquet.

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Adding to the romantic 2012 feel, we are going to see more creative detailing found on the bouquet handle. Covered with velveteen ribbons and damask fabric ribbons layered and topped with vintage looking pins and brooches and the continued use of rhinestones, and pearls.

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Not only is the round tight concentric sphere shape ideal for the 2012 wedding flower bouquet trends but also these topiary like designs are going to be seen on the table centerpieces as well as the ceremony arrangements. Spheres everywhere, adding to that English garden romantic design. This shape can be displayed as hanging pomander balls with colorful scented carnations, roses, hydrangeas and chrysanthemum buttons to name a few. You may hang multiple sizes with a variety of flowers from pew stands and aisle arrangements, to hanging tree ornamentation, to being placed on top of large urns or glass cylindrical glass vases for either the ceremony as well as the reception table centerpiece. Also the continuation of multiple and variations of smaller vases lining the center of the oblong tables with mix matched single stemmed flowers loosely arranged in the collection of fine vases. Along with lots of branches seen colored and adorned with mini orchids attached to their limbs while secured in elegant pottery.

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Creativity is going to be visible in 2012 flower fashion and making the arrangements and ornamentation personal. From themed events with cultural influences with endless selections to personal touches with deep routed meaning let this help create newer and more inventive trends for the future bridal party and event.

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