7 Great Things About Photo Booths

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Once thought of as a passing fancy, we're convinced that photo booths are here to stay. Here are seven great things about them:

  1. They help document your awesome night. Yep, you won't be there for every moment. You may not even remember your high school friend's awesome vintage dress. But the photo booth will help fill in those gaps and give you at least one photo of everyone there.
  2. They really can fit in your budget. If you can't afford the big fancy kind (we're huge fans of Snap Booth Photos), you can stage your own with a custom background (fabric, sheet, wallpaper… get creative!).
  3. You can personalize them so many ways. Yep–pick props or a background that fit your theme, from country chic to vintage cool. You can have guests hold up little chalk boards and write sweet notes to the happy couple. Now that's a fun guest book!
  4. Instant gratification. That's right–when you get a photo booth, your guests get a strip of pictures or photo postcard on the spot. And you get a CD with everyone's photos.
  5. They bring on the fun. I'm usually pretty uptight, but get me in a comfy, private photo booth and suddenly my silly side goes wild. It's a great way to get your guests up and moving and interacting with others–it's fun to compare photos!
  6. They double as wedding favors.You can usually personalize the photos with your name and wedding date. Your guests can take these home as mementos of their awesome evening.
  7. They're not that big! They're actually perfect for a hallway or unused corner of your ball room. You can even set them up in your cocktail room. Best of all, for our Arizona brides, the Snap Booth photo booths have air conditioning, so your guests can pose in comfort.

I know, I know, you may think a photo booth is silly. But even the best photographer may miss a favorite friend or cousin. So consider a photo booth for your wedding!

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