A Quick Guide to Wedding Bouquets

I found this little cheat sheet on wedding bouquets in one of my wedding magazines and had to share. It's much easier to see the styles next to each other for fast comparison. Here they are:

Wedding bouquets

Now, we always think in terms of our curvy and plus size brides, so let's talk about each type and how it relates to Strut brides.

1. Posy: These are smaller and less formal. These are great for bridesmaids as they can save a bit on floral costs. These are coming back in style and would look great for an outdoor wedding.

2. Round: This is a classic style that works well for beautiful plus size brides. While posies and nosegays will have a similar look, you have to be careful about balancing the flowers to your dress silhouette. As we've advised in the past, a size 6 bride in a slim trumpet would need a different size bouquet than a size 26 bride in a ball gown.

3. Nosegay: These are very popular and usually feature the tied stems, which can show off pretty ribbon or wire accents with a charm or family memento.

4. Pomander: Usually left for bridesmaids or flower girls, or used for less formal weddings. Remember, you need to carry a good size ball if you're a plus size bride.

5. Cascade: You might be thinking they were left in the 80s, but they were not. In fact, major wedding dress brands are featuring them in advertising today. Keep yours modern looking by avoiding lots of pieces hanging down.

6. Pageant or presentation: These days you most often see a lily (or several) cradled in the crook of an arm. This is an elegant look; just don't let a single bloom get "lost" against your dress!

As always, speak with your wedding planner and/or florist about what style would look best for you based on your personal style, wedding theme, and size (of you and your dress!).

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