Amanda’s Non Traditional Burgundy Wedding Dress

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Are you SWOONING over these photos of our Long Beach Bride, Melissa, like we are?! She came shopping and wanted a non traditional burgundy wedding dress. WE CAN DO THAT! In fact, we LOVE helping our curvy brides create a custom wedding dress that matches their vision perfectly. And when it turns out like this….. LOVE!

We were so lucky to have Melissa sent us photos. She wrote:

YES you can share these, Ann, thanks for asking! So many people don’t even think to go with the non-traditional white. It’s funny, when I told people i didn’t go with white, most people immediately thought beige… (accept the people who know me of course)… i like getting out of the box =p.  We got married on Friday October 13th… I really wanted a halloween party, not a wedding! haha

Tamiko… saved me from heartache of almost going with the smoke grey dress, She sat with me to design the perfect dress… Back story: my mom had a real hard time accepting the burgundy so we went with smoke overlay with the burgundy underlay… I went home and wasn’t able to sleep with this decision and thought the dress would be soo ugly… so I went back to the shop and Tamiko was so great in working with me and letting me switch dress colors behind my mom’s back… in the end though my mom said she was glad I switch out the dress color =)

And yes, I’m driving the getaway car! A couple asked us why I was driving and my husband responded back, “it’s her car!”  =)

Melissa worked with Tamiko to find a gown in our social occasion department. We have so much flexibility when it comes to changing fabrics and colors (and what a deal – these dresses are almost always under $300!). Melissa’s dress with two tone burgundy over gray with a custom bolero jacket to match. She added the belt and amazing accessories that emphasized their theme.
We love these SO HARD! Weddings can be fun and playful, too! Congrats, Melissa! We LOVE that you’re showing an awesome way to express your personality with a non traditional burgundy wedding dress!
If you’re looking for a non-traditional wedding dress, visit Strut. Our stylists LOVE the challenge and creativity from helping brides find the perfect wedding gown. Book your appointment online any time.

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