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Most of our Strut brides know that I have favorite dresses (often what's new in the store… but since I hand-pick dresses, they're kinda all my faves, like little children…). I just got in this Allure wedding dress two weeks ago and LOVE IT. Why? Because it's super flattering. My evidence? Me!

Brides, I'm 5'4", size 14/16, and can't seem to work off some "soft spots" (putting it tactfully) on my tummy and "middle roll", as I affectionately call it. But this dress… is magical…

Allure wedding dress 8722 front

Please excuse the fuzzy cell phone photo, but I didn't know I'd love this dress so much when I put it on Sunday (see Strut Hubby Jason trying to hide behind me in the photo? so cute!). So why do I love it? Let me count the ways…

1. When I tell you that curvy girls and plus size brides can look awesome in mermaid wedding dresses, I mean it. This dress illustrates how proportion is so important. Here you can see that my bust and hips look about the same size. And the flare at the bottom is neither too long nor too big for my short stature.

2. This wedding dress has a really deep sweetheart neckline (ignore the fact the cups are a little big, por favor!). This is flattering to those of us with wider shoulders (mine are pretty developed from carrying dresses!).

3. There's just a bit of ruching through the bodice, but it's enough to cover lumps and bumps.

4. It's prefect for brides that are more mature or don't want a lot of sparkle. It just features a bit of lace applique. You can see it better here.

5. Two words: Side view.

Allure wedding gown 8722 side
Right?! And this is without a tummy sucker or slimmer, and no sucking it in. Yes, I think it might be the most perfect wedding dress ever… Sigh… I admit I did get that "ohmigodilovethisdress" reaction when I put it on. You know, where you stare at yourself and think you look pretty damn good? That one.

While I had a picture-taker at the store with me, I also tried on Allure 8705, also known as the "flamenco dress". I've seen this wedding gown on a number of brides with different body types and wondered how it would look on me. From the front, not so hot. The ruching is more horizontal than asymmetrical, so it made my hips look wider. But from the side? More magic!

Allure wedding dress 8705

It's the organza overlay. It hides the jiggly bits. Plus I love the ruffled look. I swear to you, it's not just for runways–plus size brides CAN wear ruffled and flouncy wedding dresses! I love this wedding dress for beach weddings, garden and golf course weddings, and especially modern or contemporary spaces. It's such a fun dress!

When brides come in to our Phoenix store, we always encourage them to look at a dress from all angles, especially the side view, because your guests will spend some time looking at you that way. So when I found two magic wedding dresses with flattering side views, I just had to share my excitement. These Allure wedding dress samples are size 24 (8722) and 20 (8705) and both are in ivory (though they can be ordered in white).


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