Best Jackets and Boleros for Wedding Dresses

Girls, we know you love your curves. And the lucky person you’re marrying definitely loves them, too! But sometimes we have extra curves that we don’t want to put on display. I know, I hear it from you all the time–upper arms, shoulders, those little chicken wing thingys under the arms, maybe a little extra padding on our backs… And you ask me for ways to cover them up.

So this is what we did: we bought jackets and boleros to coordinate with your wedding dress. Yah, we have the basic taffeta and chiffon ones in white and ivory. But you aren’t basic kinda ladies. So we brought in some really cool ones. Check out this great jacket:



It’s a great little bolero with tulip sleeves. Do you see the little “slits” in the sides of the short sleeves?  That means it’ll fit lots of sizes of upper arms. We love the little collar and pin tucks. But wait…


That awesome detail continues on the back. Very cool. Ladies, think about wearing this sleek style with a mermaid wedding gown, or perhaps a more simple A-line without a lot of ruching in the bodice.

This is one of my personal favorites. We bought it to go with a specific gown we have in stock, but ohmygosh, I think it would look adorable with just a tank and jeans:


Just look at that adorable ruffled collar! Girly, but not *too* girly… Ladies, this is a super lightweight taffeta that would be perfect for a summer wedding dress coverup.

Ok, I just checked the racks, and right now we have nine different jacket styles in stock for you to try on. I always tell my brides that jackets and boleros are great–they’ll help you feel more comfortable going down the aisle, but you can also take photos with it off. In fact, I bet most of them will be so happy after the nerves have calmed (and maybe a couple of toasts have passed, too) that they’ll take it off for late night boogie-ing on the dance floor. Just a guess.

And, ok, of all our awesome wedding dress jackets, here’s the one I love the most:


But you could tell that from the big grin on my face, right? Ladies, this bolero by Anjolique is absolutely stunning. And yes, the flowers are removable (held on by a few clear snaps–pretty smart!). I claimed this one as my own pretty much the minute it came in stock. Then someone cleared his throat and reminded me it was for our beautiful brides, not my going-out wardrobe. Oh, right. But this dresses up for your wedding or other special occasion and also goes more casual (hello dark blue jeans and boots!).

Anyway, these wedding dress jackets are so versatile. Are you looking for a modest gown? Did you know that a good tailor can take a jacket and actually ADD it to your sleeveless dress to give you more coverage? Yep. Ask us how!

We also have a half dozen or so wedding dresses in stock that actually come with wraps, too. These wraps you drape over your arms, or we can show you other ways to get more coverage. Or, you can be like Niya G.–she’s actually having these cute little half-sleeves (covering upper arms but not shoulders) made from the wrap that comes with her dress. Easy-peasy, and no scouring the earth for matching fabric.

Alright. I guess it’s time for me to put back the jackets… If you’re looking for a special jacket for your big day, give us a call, or send me a suggestion!

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  1. Ann C

    Olivia, the lace jacket is $129 and can be ordered in 6 weeks. Or, mine is a size 26, which can be purchased out of stock! 🙂

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    If you are looking for one of these more refined styles, then consider simply adding leather jacket to an otherwise casual look. While jeans, boots and t-shirt may be rather boring, just the simple inclusion of women’s leather jackets can be deciding factor in what looks fantastic on you.

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