Brianne’s Long Sleeve Two Piece Wedding Dress

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Brianne is a Tempe, Arizona Strut Bride who rocked a long sleeve two piece wedding dress from our Custom Collection, which is a mix and match collection of tops and bottoms. We’re IN LOVE with her outdoor wedding pics from the Whispering Tree Ranch in Laveen, Arizona.

We love the rustic fall colors in her wedding bouquet!

She wrote, “I originally was looking for a bohemian style dress. There was one previously featured on another Strut Bride blog. Bethany I think was her name….Anyway, I literally lived to find that dress. But it was sold out and I was on a pretty quick time crunch as we got engaged at the end of April 2019, and the wedding was October 2019. So, I basically just was open. In had also seen a few long sleeve lace tops with separate bottoms. So Ronnie, gave me a few prions along with the few people I brought along. And she also threw in the ONLY two piece that was in at the time. I tried them all, kept going back to the same two piece. I just loved the arms, the neck line, the detail on the back of my dress is phenomenal. The skirt is light and flowy.”


It’s so true – Brianne created her long sleeve two piece wedding dress from a long sleeve lace bodice and a drapey chiffon skirt, which was perfect for our Arizona heat, and we were able to get her wedding dress on a rush! “Our venue was called Whispering Tree Ranch. It’s an old property turned venue. It’s small and quaint. A little rustic with some twists. It’s located in Laveen, AZ (which was an old farming community) it’s now super built up. I also grew up here when it was basically dairy farms, cotton fields and where everyone knew everyone. It’s not so much that way anymore.”

Brianne and Angel were married October 4th, 2019. We always tell brides that if they EXPECT one thing to go wrong, it will be easier to handle when it does. And Brianne shared her moment with us! “Omg! As I was getting ready, I had just gotten fully dressed, and my step daughter was putting my shoes on for me. The minute I stood up, the ankle strap busted. After my mom, a family friend, myself and my step daughter tried to fix it. I walked out with a safety pin holding my shoe together.”


Congrats to the newlyweds! We LOVE these photos and wish them all the best!

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