Brooch Bouquets! So Sweetly Vintage!

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We so love the trend in vintage-inspired wedding dresses, but sometimes it's better to let accessories (and a smashingly cool hairstyle!) set the tone. We recently met the lovely ladies from Top This Wedding at a networking event in Phoenix and fell in love with their brooch bouquets.

Brooch bouquet 1 
The best part is, they're totally customizable! They come in several sizes (remember, you need a bouquet in proportion to the size of your body AND your dress, so curvy girls or brides in a large ball gown might want a larger bouquet to look balanced) and you can choose colors to match your wedding colors.

Brooch bouquet 2 

For those of you that want to incorporate family jewelry, such as a pin from grandma or mom, they can do that, too! Here's a view of a smaller wedding bouquet:

Brooch bouquet 3 
These are amazing! The ladies also do the fun, less formal pinwheel bouquets.


Pinwheel bouquet 

We love that they love brides and weddings just as much as we do. You'll feel their enthusiasm for your big day as soon as you meet them. And if you have a brooch bouquet, we'd love to see it!

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  1. brenda eden

    These are so cool! I just looked at their etsy page, I wonder if they have a facebook page too? I totally love the one with pinwheels. Swoon! I really love vintage weddings. I know they have got to be sooo much work for brides to put them together, but I LOVE photographing all the little details! 🙂

  2. Lasik surgery

    This is something different, you don’t have to worry if the flowers wither. But I have a question, is not too heavy, or when you throw the bouquet I am afraid for the lady who will catch it, she might get hurt. Anyway it’s a clever idea.

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