Closed Aug. 3rd (but check out the super cool reason why!)

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Strut will be closed for one day only on Wednesday, August 3rd. Middle of the week? Yep! We've been invited to LA by one of our wedding gown brands to meet with their designer and preview their spring collection. Yep–spring collections are already in the works. Here's the process:

    • Designer presents the spring line to key bridal accounts and gets feedback
    • They tweak the designs in production
    • They take the lines to bridal market this fall (we go to market twice a year to buy new dresses)
    • The spring wedding dress collections typically ship to us in January and February.

We're really excited to be a part of this for a few reasons. First, we haven't met their designer yet, but this is his second season with them, and already we've noticed more contemporary designs and upgraded accents (like beading and appliques) from him. We can't wait to see what he does next.

Second, they let us ask questions. So we're thrilled to be able to learn more about why certain fabrics are chosen, the design process, etc. We think we'll be able to show our brides the value in these gowns and the thought behind them better if we understand it, too.

Third, we're hoping to be able to get more plus size wedding dress-friendly designs out there. Too often we see a gown and think, "this would be the perfect plus size wedding dress if only…". We're hoping to get those "if onlys" out on the table now. Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask, right??

Fourth, we get to see these new designs months before anyone else. And that's just cool!

We'll keep you updated with a trend report when we return!


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