Down the Aisle with a Personalized Touch

So many brides are finding clever ways to infuse their wedding with their personality or items that represent the couple: how they met, where they like to travel, their favorite hobbies and more. We love the idea of incorporating something fun and different down the aisle, so consider replacing the traditional ring bearer pillow with one of these clever ideas from Brides magazine:

  • A piece of coral (our thoughts: for your beach wedding, also consider using dish of sand from your favorite bach, seashell, or a bowl carved from driftwood)
  • A kid-size fishing pole with rings tied to the hook
  • A coconut shell
  • A pincushion (our thoughts: especially an heirloom one!)
  • A box lined with a matching pillow (our thoughts: brides who have significant alterations done to their dress or have a lot hemmed off the bottom may be able to craft a pillow cover from wedding dress leftovers for a matching look!)
  • A book of poetry
  • A cross-stitched embroidery hoop
  • A slice of tree trunk
  • A bed of moss
  • A small vintage bowl or teacup
  • A horsehoe
  • A bird's nest
  • A paper fortune cookie
  • A tiny pumpkin (our thoughts: or non-pokey cactus, for our southwest brides!)
  • A baseball mitt (our thoughts: or any artifact from your favorite sport)
  • An antique jewelry box
  • A vintage key
  • A top hat
  • On the ring bearer's lapel

We also love the idea of using a chalice, for our Shakespearean-themed wedding brides. Our shoe lovers could send their rings down the aisle in fancy footwear. Thespians could use a dramatic mask. Music lovers could send rings down the aisle tied to the favorite instrument. If you already have children, consider using one of the bowls they made as a child. You know, the ones with the adorable handprints!

What other objects have our Phoenix area brides used? Let us know!


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