End the “How Do You Know the Bride?” Inquiries with a Wedding Genealogy Chart!

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Admit it, you've looked around a wedding or other gathering and wondered just howthat interestingly-dressed (or super cute, entertaining, funny, etc.)  person could have ever met your college friend. Especially when you thought you knew all her friends! Enter the wedding genealogy chart! It's like a family tree, using branches to show relationships, but this time it explains how wedding guests know the bride and groom. Check this one out from Melangerie in NYC:

Wedding geaneology chart

Isn't that so cute? And clever? Here's a closeup:


Think about how cute this would be if you had a super wide white area and used it as a guest book, where you friends and family wrote you well wishes for your wedding? Or for smaller weddings, you could have it postcard size on the back of the menu card. They can make books, charts, graphs, even giant folding displays. Now you'll never have to ask, "How do you know the bride and groom?"

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