Falling In Love… with Wedding Cakes

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I already have the best husband in the world–no need to look around for that. But I didn't have the best looking cake at my wedding (it was my biggest disappointment of the day… as I often remind my husband). So I keep dreaming of a re-do and scour the magazines for a cake to replace the bad vision I have of my own.

As you know, I LOVE color. So these amazing confections caught my eye:

Cake 1

The one on the right is so perfect with today's flower trend. Could you picture this with a matching bouquet made of matching felt flowers? Here are a few more:

Cake 2

I love everything about these cakes, from the whimsical pinwheels (your flower girl can carry a pinwheel instead of petals), to the elegant white cake that looks like it could match the buttons on the back of your wedding dress. These are beautiful wedding cakes–it's hard to pick just one!

But I'll have to… My perfect hubby said that every year for our anniversary, I can get a do-over cake, decorated just how I want it! (See? Told you he's the best!)


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