Fun Wedding Myths Exposed!

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Myth: You can't marry your cousin.

Reality: Ha! You're in luck if you live in one of 19 states (plus Washington D.C.) that allows first cousins to marry.


Myth: You need a blood test before tying the knot.

Reality:Don't fear the needle. Only in Mississippi these days. But the practice in the states started back in the 1930s, when rubella and STDs were considered public health threats.


Myth: Tossed rice makes birds explode.

Reality: It doesn't. But it is super slippery to walk on. And you often need to check your venue's rules before tossing, releasing or blowing anything.


Myth: All cruise ship captains can officiate a wedding at sea.

Reality: They actually have to be ministers, justices of the peace, or otherwise ordained AND the ceremony has to take place where the captain's credentials are recognized AND the couple has obtained the license. That sounds complicated. So, consider getting hitched at the JOP back home and havinga renewal on board.


Myth: You have up to a year to give the couple a wedding gift.

Reality: Emily Post says you should give a gift as close to the wedding as possible and no later than three months afterward. Also, be thoughtful: if the couple is traveling for their wedding, it'll be darn hard to bring back presents. So gift them something easily packed (cash, checks and gift cards work well) or have it sent directly to their home.

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