How to Bustle a Mermaid or Trumpet Gown

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We get asked all the time how to bustle our wedding gowns. There's no easy answer because it depends mostly on the style of the gown. Some wedding gowns lookfine with the traditional over-bustle, where we just pick up the train and attach it just under the bum. Other wedding dresses are more ornate and require extra bustle points to the sides of the main one (to pick up pieces that drape onto the ground) or even need two tiers to show off all the beading.

Trumpet and mermaid wedding dresses are often the hardest to bustle while still keeping the beautiful fitted form. For these types of gowns, we often recommend a french under-bustle, where we tuck fabric up and under. Many curvy and plus size brides say they don't want more bulk added to their rear end, so the french bustle is another good option because they often lower on the skirt of the wedding gown.

I found some photos of a lace wedding gown with a french bustle and wanted to share them!

Side view:

Trumpet wedding gown bustle 
Do you see how the low bustle still maintains the shape? Here's a view of the back:

Lace trumpet wedding gown bustle 
Remember, bustles are added in alterations because they are based on your height and personal preferences. But your alterations person can pin the train a couple of ways to show you how your wedding gown could look. And, of course, you can always ask your Strut bridal consultant to show you options!

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