Important Points to Include in Your Wedding Florist Contract

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Our final article in our series on wedding flowers concludes with some key points on things to include in your contract with your wedding florist.

  1. Contact information (name, addess, phone number) of the delivery location. Be sure to include any backup venues, too.
  2. Detailed description of every type (head table, bar, pews, etc.) of floral arrangement, including possible flowers that might be substituted (there are sometimes supply issues). Also include the total cost, amount of deposit paid and balance due.
  3. Time the florist is to arrive at your site (be sure to include whether or not they need to go to more than one place, such as where you're getting ready to bring your bouquet, the wedding site, and the reception venue).
  4. Name of the key contact or floral designer working on your project.
  5. A detailed list of services provided, such as set up, delivery (including any additional costs for delivery), and breakdown.
  6. Information regarding their cancellation policy, including whether or not your deposit is refundable.
  7. The cutoff date for making changes to your order.
  8. A list of items rented (such as vases or containers) and who is responsible for returning them.
  9. A list of flowers needed to decorate the wedding cake, if needed.

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