Lauren’s Lightweight Wedding Dress

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Lauren and Michael were married outside in Tucson on March 11, 2012. Lauren came to Phoenix just to visit Strut and go wedding dress shopping. Her vision was that she wanted a dress that was not too hot, that she could move around in, and just be really comfortable wearing. We found her a lightweight taffeta gown with ruched bodice and aline skirt.

Lauren b

She sent us an email and said:

I thought I'd just drop a note with a pic from our wedding. It was great and I loved my dress (I'm just not sure what to do with it now – I sure don't want to part with it!). I got lots of compliments on it (especially the buttons down the back, hehe). Thanks for everything!

Congratulations, you two! Next time you're in Phoenix, stop by the store and say hi!

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  1. fit and flare wedding dresses

    It does look like a comfortable gown. I have just started my search for wedding gowns and I am not sure if I want something that is comfortable and simple, or something over the top. When growing up I always saw myself in some big Cinderella type looking gown but I have been looking more into fit and flare wedding dresses. The only issue is I am not sure if the flare and flare style works well with my body type. I noticed that your site has a facebook and twitter account, but do you have a pinterest account at all?

  2. Bella

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  3. rosemarry

    I found there is something special on the new couple’s faces, which can also influence me, in a peaceful smile with love to each other.

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