Need a Gift Idea? Try Custom Hand Stamped Jewelry

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I'm always on the lookout for interesting gift ideas, especially if they're "different". I saw some photos of customized jewelry from the vintage pearl and really fell in love with it (plus their website is one of the cutest. ever). The best part is they are SO reasonably priced. Here's a sample of their work:


You can pick fonts, designs, colors, etc. These are the perfect bridesmaid, flower girl, baby, BFF… whoever gifts. And I must be ready to be an aunt (big brother, yes; little brother, please finish school first!!), because this tiny spoon got me a little teary with it's cuteness:


Sniff, sniff. I know, right? Adorable. How about this hammered star?


Just $25 for one star (and the little pearl! and the chain!). Let me know if you have a favorite gift site to share!

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