Plus Size Bridesmaids and Social Occasion Dresses Are In!

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We're so excited to announce that we now have three collections of plus size bridesmaids and social occasion gowns in our store to better serve our beautiful plus size brides and their wedding parties. It took some convincing (ok–your dozens of phone calls asking for larger sizes so that your bridesmaids could actually try them on), but we agree that it's important that shopping for a bridesmaid gown not be embarrassing, uncomfortable, or mortifying in any way. Ladies, a better shopping experience awaits you!

We're sticking to what you love: a range of styles, colors, sizes and prices. Here are the details:


We've brought in two bridesmaid lines by Eden bridals and one by Andrew Adela. We picked these two brands because they offer flexibility in fabric (you can change fabric on a lot of their gowns!), length (short, tea, long), tons of colors, and, most importantly, fast delivery. Andrew Adela offers standard 5 week shipping, while Eden is normally 12 with 10, 8, 6 and sometimes 4 week rush options.

While you can go on-line to check out the Eden gowns, Andrew Adela can't be found on-line. They're exclusive to our store in the Phoenix area. We know you like to be different from everyone else, so we brought in a line that no one else has!


Our bridesmaids gowns start at just $99. The most expensive is $208. The average bridesmaid dress price is $159. Strut Brides, of course, get a discount on their bridesmaid dress purchases.


While we love supporting our curvy girl community with our bridesmaid dress samples in larger sizes, we know that not all members of your wedding party are curvaceous. Our sample sizes start at 12 and go up to 32, but we can order them for your girls starting at size 2 (you know we can work magic with our red clips!).


We know not all plus size bridesmaids are comfortable in strapless gowns, so we've brought in a lot with straps, v-necks and halters. We have knee length and long gowns. We have them in chiffon, satin, taffeta and a silky dupione. Give us a call if you want to stop in and look at color swatches!



We call these gowns both bridesmaid dresses and social occasion gowns. Why? Well, we think they're so dang cute you just might want one for your wedding shower, bachelorette party, office holiday party, and more. Can you picture yourself sipping a cocktail in this super cute dress with ruffle on the back? Can you picture yourself in the colors of your choice? That's the best part! These dresses are totally customizable!

When you're ready to shop for bridesmaid or social occasion gowns, give us a call because you'll want the same great one-on-one help from a consultant. We look forward to helping you soon!

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