Plus Size Prom Dresses Are In!

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We’re so excited to announce that our Tempe, AZ store just received a huge shipment of new plus size prom dresses! We love the bold colors, the flowy fabrics and the incredible sparkle! Strut Bridal Salon is your headquarters for plus size prom gowns for Prom 2015! Our store promises:

  • One on one service from expert stylists. Not sure what you’re looking for or what would look good on your body? It’s ok! It’s our job to figure that out! We see curvy bodies every day, and we buy prom dresses just for our curvy and plus size high schoolers, so we’re great at finding the best fit for you.
  • High quality designer dresses. Don’t settle for a Chinese knockoff dress. High school girls tell us the either didn’t get their dress in time, or it arrived in such bad condition it was unwearable. Our alterations experts tell us they usually can’t be altered because they’re so poorly made. Our designer gowns are made to fit and flatter.
  • One of a kind dresses. Don’t be caught in the same dress as someone else! Those stores at the mall sell hundreds of the same prom dress over and over! At Strut we register our gowns so you’ll be the only one at your school wearing that Strut prom dress.

plus size prom dress straps illusion neckline

If you’re looking for a dress that’s as amazing with you, call our Tempe bridal store to make an appointment today and enjoy 20% off our prom dresses through the end of the month! Ask about our great payment plan–you can buy your prom dress with just 25% down!

Our plus size prom dress collection includes ball gowns, flowy chiffons, slinky fitted gowns, and prom dresses with straps and sleeves. Shop early for the best selection, because these amazing plus size prom dresses are going FAST!

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