Strut Bride Sara H. in Allure Bridals Wedding Dress

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Yay! We were so excited to get photos of Sara and Josh's recent wedding that we simply HAD to share them. She was such a beautiful bride!

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Sara came down from Dewey to visit us in Phoenix. She bought an Allure Bridals wedding dress. It was a ball gown style wedding gown. We love how much thought she put into carefully coordinated jewelry (our fave piece was for her hair) in green and blue. Now I see that it matches her hubby's tie–very clever!

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Sara's mom and sister did the alterations, including the bustle on her wedding dress. And, like a lot of brides, Sara wanted extra arm coverage. Instead of opting for a bolero over her wedding gown, she wore fur. Here's a pic:

First dance 

Lovely! Thanks for sharing, Sara. Congrats and best wishes to you both!

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