The Difference Between a Seating Card and a Place Card

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Ah, there's so much wedding etiquette and terminology to learn, it could drive a girl nuts! Here's a quick guide to the difference between a seating card and a place card.

Seating card–Also called an escort card, it's usually at a table at the entrance of the reception venue and directs your guest to his/her assigned table.

Place card–Already at the table, tells your guest exactly where to sit.

Seating cards are usually displayed in alphabetical order by last name (titles like Mr. and Mrs. are optional). But you don't have to just use tent cards. Check out these creative ways to display them:

 Place cards 1 
Place cards 2 

But don't think you're stuck with just boring old table numbers. Get creative! Your table names can reflect your theme, if you have one, or just show off your personalities. Here are some ideas for naming your tables:

  • Song titles
  • Places you've visited
  • Constellations
  • Sports teams
  • Spices
  • Classic TV characters
  • Movie titles
  • Pet's names
  • Gemstones
  • Types of flowers, trees, bugs, dogs…whatever you two love and/or collect!

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