The “Grace Kelly” Dress

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Pam and I make nicknames for our favorite wedding dresses. Partly it helps us out: "Hey, can you grab the 'flamenco dress' for my bride?" Other times we think these nicknames help us match a wedding dress to a bride. In the case of this dress, it probably isn't truly something Grace Kelly would have worn, but we think it just exudes elegance and grace with a bit of a vintage feel.

Here's Strut model Meredith in the wedding gown by Sincerity:

Grace kelly

We consider this to be a ball gown wedding dress because the skirt is so full (we normally would pair this with a slip/petticoat). But the ruching at her waist makes it look TINY–a feature our curvy girls and plus size brides adore.

This wedding gown also has a very deep sweetheart neckline. It's flattering on most women.

Finally, it has a snap-in wrap. It's perfect for outdoor ceremonies or the cocktail hour. It also covers shoulders and back, for brides who want more coverage.

We also know you curvy girls love the Allure 8705 wedding dress, which we call the "flamenco dress". It's lightweight and super fun, so it'll express your personality if you're the life of the party.

Here it is on ChrisShaundra (we left on her regular bra for a quick fitting; this dress is strapless):

Flamenco dress


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  1. Venessa

    “flamenco dress” question; I saw an allure dress very close to that but it had a crumb catcher and some bling….. any idea where I could find it?!
    Thanks so much!!!

  2. Ann C

    Venessa, did you see it online or in a store? I have a feeling it might be from their private label line, which means it’s not on their website and can only be purchased from select stores.

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