Three Dimensional Escort Cards–An Easy Twist on a Classic

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I've seen escort cards dangling from branches and trees, wedged in bits of cork or bright limes, and placed in trays of sand or beans. And I still love the classic "pinned to a board" with a charm or tag attached, or placed in an envelope. Then I saw these cute little hearts in the newest Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and just had to share:

Escort cards

Not only are they cute, but they are super easy to make. You can find instructions here. But why stop with hearts? Why not a flower shape, or an animal (like a monkey hugging with it's little hands glued together), or even your initials?

Our flower was poppies, so I'd take a poppy flower and cut out little poppy flower heads. Cut a slit between a couple of petals, pull them together, glue, and viola! You're done! Any other ideas for easy escort cards? Please share! 

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