Top 5 Reasons Why Bridal Bouquets Are Expensive

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We've talked a lot about wedding flowers over the last few weeks and want to end our series with some information on just why wedding bouquets are so pricey. We know, wedding flowers, including the bouquet, are one of the top areas for which brides and grooms get sticker shock. We asked local wedding and event florist Karen Bever of bokay to fill us in. Here's what she said:

Your wedding flowers are created just for you with a custom feel and look that helps make this day unique to you. When you consult with your floral designer and the estimate comes back you are thinking why are bridal bouquets so expensive? Here is some information that might help explain.

  1. Most fresh flowers are not native to your area therefore they have to be flown in from multiple continents. South America, Holland, Hawaii and many other far away locations. Because the varieties are vast they have to come from many places. Freight is added to the cost of every single flower.
  2. Flowers are a raw material that passes through many hands before it reaches the florist. Because you deserve beautiful flowers it takes lots of care and attention to keep them that way. Once they arrive at the wholesaler they have to be prepped and maintained until they get in the hands of the florists. Different flowers have to be stored in different temperatures and require different treatment in cutting and cleaning.
  3. The conscious and confident florist recommends flowers that will be seasonal and abundant. Of course the number of flowers and the variety will determine the cost and the overall look of the bridal bouquet. Most of the time, the more exotic the flower the more costly. A professional and knowledgeable florist will take good care of you.
  4. A flower is a delicate product that requires skilled hands to manage the materials. The bouquet is handmade to your specifications with care and precision.  The style and the intricacy are taken into account. A wedding bouquet is a custom piece like hand made lace.
  5. Embellishments and the finishing touches are what give your bridal bouquet your personality and message. The selection of ribbons, tassels, rhinestones and pearls to name just a few make this bouquet yours and only yours.

 If you are looking for ways to save money on your bridal bouquet be mindful of the flowers you select and their season. Simple is appropriate meaning one variety of a moderately priced flower in a moderate size flower arrangement.  Certain holiday

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