TREND ALERT: Fancy-back Wedding Dresses

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We just came back from the Fall Bridal Market (we shop in the spring for gowns for fall, which arrive late summer) and fell in love with some of the wedding gowns with fancy backs on them. Some featured beautiful lace, others intricate beading on a delicate backing. Here are some couture designer wedding dresses that show off this trend in the recent Brides magazine:

Fancy back wedding dresses

These gowns are subtly sexy but can be tough to do as a plus size wedding dress for two reasons:

  1. Let's not mince words: back fat. Yes, not all women have those stubborn areas on their sides and back, but if you do, these low back gowns don't offer any support or coverage for those areas. Some backless wedding gowns cover more than others, though, so they're worth trying on. We just want our brides to feel completely comfortable and confident on their wedding day, so if that's an area of concern, then let's stick to a gown with more coverage.
  2. Foundations. Proper foundations can make all the difference in the fit of a gown. Putting "the girls" up where they belong can change the whole shape of your body! So these backless gowns can be tough to wear if you're a bride that needs to wear a bra. Some options are finding a very low back long line bra (not impossible, but difficult to find in some sizes) or adding bra cups to the front of the gown for more support. Still, most of us wearing plus size wedding dresses need more support and love the shaping that long line bras give. So just know you'll have limited options in these backless wedding gowns.

But don't despair–we can help you get this look on nearly any wedding dress. We recently ordered a special lace piece that can be added to any dress to give it that keyhole back look–but it works with our gowns that have a higher back to them. We'll be able to get it beaded or un-beaded, and in a couple of different kinds of lace.

You can get that illusion neckline look by adding fabric to the bodice and back of any dress. We can buy matching fabric, appliques and even beading so it matches your wedding gown perfectly.

Brides can even buy a bolero jacket in a variety of fabrics. If you don't want the jacket to look like a separate piece, then your seamstress can sew it right to the bodice of your wedding dress.

If you love the look and want to know how to make it work on your wedding dress, just ask your Strut Stylist for ideas!

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