Trend Alert: Cardigans–A Great Alternative to a Wedding Dress with Sleeves

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We know that a lot of curvy and plus size brides want some kind of arm coverage on their wedding day, but stylish plus size wedding dresses with sleeves are very hard to find. We can always do a custom sleeve added on, or add a bolero or jacket, but if you're having a more casual wedding or going with a rustic, country, or shabby chic theme, why not try wearing a cardigan over your wedding dress?

We've had a lot of Strut Brides rock the cardigan in the past:

Bri 19


But when Martha Stewart Weddings recently featured a wedding where a bride wore a bright lime cardigan, and we just had to share!

Wedding dress bolero

Adding a cardigan to your wedding dress is a great way to add a pop of color. They're also a bit lighter weight than satin boleros (which look nice; they're just warm!). So if you're thinking of wearing a cardigan over your gown, bring one when you come wedding dress shopping. It'll help you envision how you'll look going down the aisle!

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