Valerie’s Wedding at Lost Dutchman State Park

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It started off as all weddings do… with perfectly laid plans at this stunning venue – the Lost Dutchman State park in Arizona. But listen to Valerie’s wedding story and just know that *sometimes things go wrong*. Remember that your big day is about the commitment you’re making to one another; it’s about LOVE!
She wrote:
Married life is fantastic! We are doing very well thank you! 
Our wedding however, was disastrous unfortunately. But below is our story. 
Ten years in the making, Greg and I finally got engaged. We gave ourselves a year to plan everything out. Found the perfect venue in the Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction since we’re both nature lovers (and it was absolutely gorgeous) and were able to book the grounds we loved. Then came the dress. The Lovely ladies at your Tempe store help us find the absolutely perfect dress and everything started to look like it was falling into place. 
Fast forward to the month of the wedding, our photographer backed out, said that she couldn’t make it. We decided to just go with friends and family rather than endure more search and more money. Two weeks before the wedding, the vendor that was to supply our hay bale seating backed out. So Greg managed to have luck finding a local vendor that supplied us with chairs, on the cheap, on our date, and even delivered! 
Then comes our special day. It had been forecasted to rain for about a week. But everything was set up, paid for, etc. The day before was cloudy and our rehearsals were cold, but dry. The day of (Feb 18, 2017), we woke up to POURING rain. As the day went on, we weighed out our options. We decided to go ahead and have the ceremony at the park as that’s where the invites were to, but we had to pull the reception back to our house in northeast Mesa, about a 20 minute drive. 
All and all. we made the best of our day. Our friends and family all chipped in to divert real disaster and in the end, we got married. You know what they say, storms are good luck! 
She sent us this photo of herself standing in the rain in her strapless lace and tulle wedding gown. She had picked the perfect wedding dress – it didn’t have a train, which made it perfect for their outdoor wedding!
What an adventure their wedding was. Valerie offered to model for us, so we’ll hope to see her on the runway soon. Best wishes to her and Greg!

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  1. Corrine

    Hey! It’s unfortunate that it rained on your wedding day. I am also looking to have my wedding at the Lost Dutchman and I was wondering if you could tell me where you actually set up inside the park? Did you set up at one of the day sites, the group campground, or the cabins? Thank you so much

    • acampeau

      Hey Corrine, we’ve had a few brides get married there and they use the Group Day Areas because you can reserve the pavilions 12 months in advance. Such great photo opps out there! Good luck with your planning!

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