4 Secrets to Booking the Best Wedding Officiant in Phoenix

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Choosing a wedding officiant is one of the biggest tasks a bride and groom will face when putting together a wedding ceremony. When the flowers are arranged, the dress is selected, and the venue is booked, it is critical for the happy couple to agree on an officiant who can represent their values and keep the ceremony focused. Strut Bridal Salon and Phoenix wedding pastor, Reverend Randy Williams, have teamed up to give you the most comprehensive guide to selecting a wedding officiant for the most memorable day of your life.

WEDDING officient phoenix

Flexibility. If the bride and groom want to incorporate cultural traditions, a combination of spiritual beliefs, or even a specific song-and-dance routine into the wedding ceremony it is important to select a wedding officiant that can accommodate these requests.  The last thing a bridge and groom want is an officiant who grimaces at the thought of a pseudo-Scottish wedding complete with bagpipes and kilts.

Sense of humor. Weddings are events which bind couples both heart and soul. The emotion and commitment behind a wedding should not be taken lightly, but remember this is also a celebration! Your family and friends want to come together to help you celebrate your love. A wedding pastor with a sense of humor can help lighten the mood and keep steady momentum going during your event.

Familiar with your faith. Whether the bride and groom share one religion, plan to build an interfaith household, or have no religious affiliation at all, the right wedding officiant is respectful of your choices and will make changes to the verbiage of the wedding ceremony so everyone is comfortable. Similarly, consider whether you want co-officiants in the case of a ceremony that incorporates multiple spiritual traditions. Many Christian priests won’t know Hebrew prayers and it can’t be expected that a rabbi will know Hindu traditions. The best wedding officiants are willing to work together to make the bride and groom happy.

Clarity. Choose an officiant who is upfront about his or her process and is willing to show you the ceremony script in advance for approval. Many couples choose to make changes to popular verbiage such as “man and wife,” commitments to “obey” one another, or even “’till death do we part.” Your wedding officiant should be open about all aspects of the ceremony and also to hearing your input. It is your day, after all!

A successful wedding ceremony is one in which the bride and groom are surrounded by their loved ones to celebrate the love they built together. The best wedding officiants in Phoenix will highlight your love for each other and celebrate the unity of your relationship as you move forward as man and wife. Most of all: enjoy your special day with your new partner in life! This is the start of a wonderful journey together and a loving bond that will only grow stronger with time.

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