8 Things to Bring When Meeting Your Wedding Florist

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When you meet with a florist to discuss your wedding flowers, there are eight important things to bring with you. These items will help your florist get an idea of your wedding vision and help them prepare the most accurate quote. You should bring with you:

  1. An idea of your budget. Sometimes brides have no idea what number to put down for their flower budget, but you have to start somewhere. If $1000 is your absolute max, then say so. If you have more of a range, then be upfront about that. You can always trim costs after seeing the first quote.
  2. Photos of your wedding venue and reception area. Your florist can get a good idea of existing color schemes as well as the scale of the room.
  3. List of places you'll want arrangements. Although you'll have photos of your wedding venue and reception room, you'll also want a list of places you'll need flowers. Think about all of the places you might have (bar, restrooms, cake table, place card table, head table, pew or aisle poms, etc.) and decide which ones need dressing up.
  4. A photo of your wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses. A florist can tell a lot about your personal style from the wedding gown you chose. They'll also want to create looks that complement the silhouette you chose.
  5. Fabric swatches of your dresses and table linens. Your florist will be able to pick the right flowers if you're looking for specific shades of pink, for example.
  6. Inspiration photos. Flip through magazines and tear out photos of table arrangements and bouquets that you like.
  7. A list of people who need corsages and boutonnieres. Bring a list of your family, friends, and bridal party members who need personal flowers.
  8. A list of things you don't like. If you want a fun and funky bouquet but hate feathers, for example, then you should bring a list of flowers, colors, trends and accents you don't want to have in your flowers or table arrangements.

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