Custom Cake Toppers Made to Look Just Like You!

The best weddings have the best details just right. So when we stumbled upon these awesome custom cake toppers, we had to share them with you. They're such a unique way to personalize your wedding! Check this out:

1. You pick a theme, such as your favorite hobbies or your profession,

2. Send in your photos,

3. Voila! You get a one of a kind cake topper that reflects your job or interests AND looks just like you.

Here's an example:

Custom cake topper
The coolest part? They'll even add in your pet! Yep, Strut pup Dakota could've graced the top of cake… If only we had known!

Custom cake topper with pet

Clever and cute AND so… YOU TWO. And that's what your wedding should be about.

By the way, these make a great gift!!

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