Designer Day Recap and Spring 2012 Wedding Dress Trends (Sneak Preview!)

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Ann recently traveled to LA to meet with the designer of Eden Bridals wedding gowns. She was thrilled to spend a day with Jason and learn about his design process. He said that he typically starts with just one hot wedding gown idea, and then he builds the rest of the line around that. He sketches out his ideas and sends them to the factory. The factory works on samples for a couple of weeks before Jason flies out and spends two and a half MONTHS tweaking the designs.

Ann with the designer, Jason (yes, he's totally adorable).

We were excited to learn about upgrades to the line, including a better chiffon (this offers more coverage and drapes better), a built in bra (Jason swears even plus size brides won't need to wear a bra with their top line's built in system, but we remain skeptical) and more customization options.

We also got a chance to preview the spring 2012 wedding gown collection in detail. Here are some of the trends we noticed from this line:

  • New fabrics!  Designers are discovering fabrics beyond satin, silk and taffeta. We've seen (and felt) some great new fabrics.
  • Colors! Take a look in the photo behind Ann's head. You'll see light pink, blue (looks almost silver in some lights), even a champagne colored wedding dress. Jason also did a couple of silver wedding gowns. We'll surely pick up at least a couple of these colored wedding dresses for our store, but do know that they are always available in the more traditional white and ivory.
  • Funky skirts! While designers will always create traditional gowns, they're really embracing funky, textured skirts again for spring 2012. We saw torn tulle, petals, big swirls and even squares of fabric on the skirt. Do these textured skirts scare you a bit? Keep reading the blog because we'll show you that this trend is here to stay and how to modify this trend to fit your "funky comfort level".

 Of course Ann couldn't resist picking up a few pieces from the line. They should be shipping to us in November. In the meantime, we're headed to Dallas in September to take a look at our other lines (and potential new ones, of course!), and we'll provide a full recap when we return!

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