Nicole’s Wedding Dress Found Her, Too!

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If you read this week's earlier post about Tiffany, whose wedding dress was completely different from what she was expecting, you'll understand Nicole's story, which she relays below.


Nicole came wedding dress shopping at Strut all the way from Riverside, California, because she wanted to see more options for plus size wedding dresses. She described herself as a "plain Jane" (she really did! it's on her file!), but Nicole's dress was anything but!

Gown 3

She wrote:

Married life is great – I get to spend every day with my best friend – so I'm a very happy lady 🙂
Everyone that was at the wedding thought my dress was beautiful and I've gotten a million compliments after the wedding as well. I know quite a few different girls getting ready for their own weddings and when they talk about THE dress, I can't help but tell them about my dress experience – the downs and the ups.
…here's my dress story:
I shopped all over the LA and outer LA area and was so distraught at not being able to find a dress – I could only try on a couple of the dresses that actually interested me. So, like any sensible Bride-to-Be, I went to my number one wedding source – GOOGLE!!!
I researched and found only 1 bridal boutique that offered a great selection of bridal gowns for the Bride that has a little more love to offer 😉 So I made an appointment and the next weekend took a day trip out to Phoenix and Strut Bridal!!
I walked into the store and knew exactly what I wanted and what I didn't want. Yes!! I was that bride that listed off everything I didn't want!! I didn't want pick-ups, I didn't want a lot of applique, I didn't like the "Bling Bling' – I wanted simple, I wanted lace and I wanted this and that and not this and not that and so on and so forth. I must have tried on every dress in the shop and was becoming a little stressed out, thinking that I wouldn't find a dress – on the brink of giving up, Ann and Pam came to me and said, "Ok, I know you said you didn't want this, but we think with your figure you would look great in these dresses" you both asked me to humor you and the first dress I tried on looked fantastic on me, but was not my dress. The second dress that you chose for me was IT!!!! I heard the heaven's part, the angels sing, and I knew that it was THE dress for me!!!
My dress was everything I said I didn't want. It was the big princess dress, with the pick ups, the bling, the applique, everything I said I didn't want and everything I absolutely had to have.
I never felt more beautiful and more comfortable than on my wedding day!!! My dress fit me perfectly, the look on my groom's face when he first saw me was priceless.
As I was walking down the aisle, all I could hear people saying was how beautiful my dress was.
So now I tell my friends to go in with an idea, but to be open-minded to other styles and sillouttes, to keep in mind what their consultant has to say, after-all this is what they do!!! I could not have been happier with the experience I had at Strut Bridal and with my dress.
Thank you Strut Bridal for being a huge part of the biggest day of my life…thank you for helping this bride really strut her stuff 😉
Best Wishes,
Nicole L.

Nicole and Mark were married December 16, 2011 in a vintage-y, rustic converted wedding facility. We love the brick walls and warm, wood floors, which gave them the "country chic" vibe they were after.

Gown 2

Nicole shared with us her full image gallery and we have to say–wow, it looks like they had quite a party! We're thankful you shared your story with us, and, more important, trusted us to  help you find the perfect wedding dress! We wish you both the best!

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