Riley’s Unique Floral Wedding Dress

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Riley shopped our Long Beach, California bridal boutique with her mom, who flew in from Texas. She worked with Winifred who HAD to work with Riley because she was such a colorful person! Riley put on a unique floral wedding dress and was SOLD!

Check out her matching floral covered buttons!

Riley’s unique chiffon wedding dress featured a red floral print. Even the buttons were fun! She custom added an off the shoulder strap. One of our favorite features of this chiffon wedding dress is that it has POCKETS! We’re so sad that Riley’s unique floral wedding dress is no longer available in our stores because it was so fun, just like Riley!

Riley walks down the aisle – check out the awesome ceremony room!

Riley and Alex were married December 29th, 2019 at the Madonna Inn in San Louis Obsipo, California. It’s such a UNIQUE wedding venue with room with such incredible personality, each one is different!

Saying their vows – how ’bout that for an incredible ceremony backdrop?!

   Riley sent us some of her most memorable moments from her wedding, which is proof that weddings aren’t supposed to be *perfect*, in only one Pinterest-worthy way, just perfect for the two of you! Top 5 Favorite Moments: 1. Walking down the aisle and staring into the eyes of the man who was about to become my husband.     2. My husband, Alex, wrote the most beautiful vows. They were heartfelt, sincere, and made me realize how lucky I  am to have found such a wonderful man. I cried like a baby.      3. Our first dance. We learned a choreographed waltz to “Samson” by Regina Spector.  We made a ton of mistakes- but to us, it was perfect. I’ll never forget it.   4. During the bouquet toss, I tossed my bouquet into the chandelier where it got stuck… we laughed and had to do a do-over. 5. I had so much fun dancing with everyone. I LOVE to dance. I felt like a beautiful dancing queen in my gown. Literally everyone busted a move and I couldn’t stop smiling. 

It was the perfect twirling dress!
newlywed couple smashing cake in their faces

 Riley said, ” I had such a fantastic experience at Strut! I honestly was not planning to walk out with a dress that day. I already was super attached to a dress at a different store and was here manly to make my mom happy.  But the staff here was excellent. They worked with me on finding a dress that fit my personality as well as style. As soon as they found out where I was getting married, they pulled out this more unconventional floral dress for me to try on that fit my venue. I fell in love with the dress. The dress was beautiful, fit my floral personality and I couldn’t leave the store without it.”

  She added, “Thank you so much! I am so happy with my dress. I still am getting compliments on it! I love how personable all the employees are and that they really took the time to get to know me.” Ah! That’s the best complement a bridal store could get! Thank you Riley!


Riley and Alex’s amazing wedding photos were by Cheetah Photography, a husband and wife team that does it all, from DJ and emcee services to photobooths and photography. Check them out!

Congrats again to the stunning couple!

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