Brides Against Breast Cancer Recap

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When Bob and I first talked about helping out with Brides Against Breast Cancer, both of us thought we'd get a handful of donated wedding dresses.

Maybe a dozen.

And we'd feel pretty good about that–helping both breast cancer patients AND low-budget brides.

Imagine our surprise when we ended up with 133 wedding and formal gowns.

Here's proof!


It was so many dresses we ended up stacking boxes in the back hallway after running out of room on the racks in the backroom. So, clearly, we have a LOT of thank yous!

  • To our Phoenix area (and beyond!) residents that parted with their new and used wedding dresses, we say thank you. We know it's hard to get rid of something that brings back so many memories just by looking at it.
  • To our local media that supported the drive, we say thanks! We had the sweetest reporters and (patient) cameramen from Fox, ABC and NBC in the store. And the Arizona Republic published our call for donations in their main paper as well as subsidiaries.
  • Huge thanks to Tara Clark (and Denise!) of Events by Tara Clark for coordinating the sale weekend.
  • The Almond Tree loaned us the biggest, heaviest three-way mirror for the event (and thanks to my little brother for lugging it to and fro!).
  • Lisa of Destiny's Bride donated more than twenty couture gowns valued at over $133,000. This is an amazing addition to the sale's couture collection.
  • Our friends at Uptown Bridal brought in sixteen gorgeous wedding gowns, too!
  • Our vendor partners Arizona Weddings Magazine, Phoenix Bride & Groom magazine, Fresh From the Kitchen caterers, Events by Tara Clark, Reverend Mary Riley, Community Florist, Apropos Creations event planner, and more, for working with area brides who visited the sale.
  • The Cottonwood Suites and Resorts graciously donated their space and time for the event.
  • Our volunteers! We had legions of help from area residents, including an energetic group of high school girls.

If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know. In the end, I believe they sold almost 40 dresses, which pleased the event coordinators.

We hope to bring them back to Phoenix in the future!


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