Built for Brides

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Strut loves our brides, and we want to make their wedding dress shopping the very best experience it can be. That’s why we built huge–we mean HUGE–dressing rooms. Yep, they’re 8′ x 8′. How big is that? Well, you can bring your mom, four best friends, biggest handbag, even your dog (though we don’t recommend that), put on the biggest ballgown we have, and there’s still room to dance around.

But we didn’t stop with the size of the room…

Trying on ballgowns, A line dresses, mermaids and more can be a lot of work. The last thing we want is for a beautiful bride to get too hot. “Glistening”, or any other cute word for sweating, is not how we want our brides to spend the day. So we built our changing areas to keep our brides cool. Check this out:

We left the ceilings open! Yep–we have totally private, high walls, but we didn’t put in a ceiling, so that cool air can circulate freely (also, we like to joke with friends and family waiting outside!). In addition, being mindful of our hot summer months, we put an air conditioning vent in each room.

Check out Strut Hubby Jason putting the finishing touches on one of our dressing rooms:

Yep–a little shelving unit to hold girly essentials. It also doubles as a place to keep your purse and clothes (because you’re too classy to put your clothes on the FLOOR!).

Opening day approaches. We’ll keep you posted on our progress and welcome your suggestions!

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