Buying a Knockoff Wedding Dress from China… part 2

Lately we've been reading a lot about brides buying knockoff dresses from China. This topic is interesting to us because in the last week we've had two brides who bought knockoff wedding gowns from China and….

  • One came in 2 sizes too small and couldn't be fixed
  • The other wasn't going to receive her dress in time. In fact, when she pressed them for a delivery date, they said 2-5 weeks.

So recently on a bride posted her real knockoff wedding dress photos, and we thought her dress was so bad (please don't tell her we think it, but… just look!) we wanted to share.

A photo of her original gown:

It's a gorgeous fit in flare style lace gown with lots of fine beading and appliques over tulle. Now see what she received:

What happened to that fine bead work and lace? And the gorgeous lace trim on the bottom of her skirt? The good quality and construction?! Poor bride. Ladies, knockoffs suck.

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