Dressing Plus Size Mothers of the Bride

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My curvy and plus size brides are always asking me two questions (well, really more than that, but these two I couldn't always answer):

1. Where can I buy plus size bridesmaid dresses in Phoenix? and

2. Where should we shop for mother of the bride gowns (other than at the mall)?

Well, ladies, I did a little sleuthing and on Monday visited the Wedding Accessory Superstore up in north Phoenix. It's a big space in a strip mall. You walk in and see everything you need for your wedding–except the dress, of course. They sell invitations, cake toppers, guest books and more. But what I was most interested in was their clothing.

The store is divided with bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride (MOB) gowns separate from the rest of the "stuff". And boy do they have a great selection of MOB dresses. Here's one I fell in love with:

Mother of the bride 

The best part about their MOB dress samples is that they generally are 18-20, to fit more women, they told me, and then exact sizes can be ordered. I love it–bigger sizes so more women can try them on? What a great idea! (wink wink)

They do carry a large selection of bridesmaid dresses and I saw some in larger sizes, but I'm not sure if there are enough options for plus size bridesmaids. I'd love to get some feedback from brides that go shopping there!

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