FAQ: What Is that Ruffle Thing?!

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Ladies, that ruffle thing you've seen on jackets, dresses, blouses and now wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses is called a peplum. They originated in the 19th century. They've been in style on and off but we've seen a resurgence in them on formal wear since 2009. And now, they're invading bridal. Here's a photo of a Jennifer Salzman wedding dress with a peplum:


Peplums can be long or short (sometimes they just look like a flounce on the bottom of a shirt) and one layer or many. Here's a great blog post showing peplums on the runway. You might think, "Wow! I never knew there was a name for that!"

So, you might be asking, do these work for plus size wedding dresses? Well, it depends on several factors, including:

  • The material used (is it stiff or soft? how does it react to the curve of your body?)
  • How big the peplum is and where it falls
  • Where the bride carries weight

Here are some examples of peplums on wedding gowns:


The peplum can either hide or accentuate tummies. In bridal they can be made of any fabric, including lace and organza. We can't wait to see if curvy brides embrace this trend. And we think we're getting in a bridesmaid dress with a peplum this fall!

So let us know… what do you think of the peplum?

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