Favorite New Wedding Dress: Allure 8713

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Our fall wedding dresses are starting to arrive, so that means that they must be tried on! Pam and both I fell in love with this new wedding gown by Allure.

Allure 8715

It's one of my favorite dropped waist styles. You can see that it's pretty fitted through my hips and over my upper thighs even. This style can really accentuate curves and give brides an hour glass shape. I love the ruching, which is another great feature for plus size brides.

Pam and I played around with it and found it to be even more flattering if you take your finger to create a deeper sweetheart neckline. Ruffles of various sizes and fabrics are definitely here to stay (for at least a couple more seasons, anyway!), so stop in and try this one on.

This wedding dress is great for those brides that want a gown that's a little bit different. It's fun and funky yet still looks like a wedding dress that dad would be ok with.

I know that brides appreciate seeing dresses on "real brides", but I never post photos of brides in their dress before their wedding date, and this came to the top of two brides' lists on the first day we had it in. Therefore, you get me in it. Ah, the sacrifices I make…

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  1. Paula

    Awesome dress! Is this the one you decided you were going to end up getting married in? If so I think you are really going to be happy walking down the aisle in that! Just think the next time you wear it you will be standing next to your significant other saying your vowels and will shortly after be wed! How exciting!!

  2. Emily

    THANK YOUUUUUU for posting a pic of this dress… I recently purchased this dress as a sample for my wedding in June 2011. I really wanted something different, but I keep going back and forth in my mind about whether or not the ruffles are beautiful, excessive, or just weird. I wanted to see the dress on a real person- the model on the website doesn’t do it justice. After seeing your pic, I realize that I LOVEEEEE this dress!! Thank you!!!

  3. Ann C

    Emily, I’m glad you went with your heart and got a gown that YOU love! It certainly will be different, but, I assure you, in a totally awesome way!! Can’t wait to see how it looks on you. Best wishes from Strut!

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