Girl Talk: Do You Need Help Finding a Bra?

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We're always talking to our Strut Brides about finding the perfect bra. After all, a good-fitting bra can help with posture, alleviate back and shoulder pain, and make you appear 10 pounds thinner. But most women think they are cup size C, D, or DD, because those are the sizes they see in stores. The fact is, though, that many of us curvy girls need a non-traditional size that's bigger than a DD. 

Many times we'll send our ladies to CC's Lingerie because they have the largest selection of non-traditional bras in the state. But then we met the lovely ladies from Belle Lacet Lingerie in Chandler and wanted to introduce you to them, too!

We love the girls at Belle Lacet because they know what it's like to have a hard time finding a bra. Sometimes you're broader in the back but need a smaller cup size, and these ladies can get you that 48B. Or maybe you have a small ribcage but large chest and need a bra up to a size K, and Belle Lacet can get it for you. In fact, the average size they sell is a 38G. G as in gorgeous, ladies!

Here are some signs you're not wearing the right size bra:

  • The straps fall down or dig in
  • The band rides up
  • The cups are sagging
  • There's breast tissue overflowing from the cup or over the band
  • The under wire doesn't chest your breastbone between your breasts.

We tell our brides that buying a bra is like buying a wedding dress–you buy on fit and flatter, not the size. That means it's OK to go larger in the cup (seriously–ask your significant other if they mind you having an F-cup!). So go say hi to Karla and Liz at Belle Lacet. They are certified bra fitters and can order you the perfect bra. The prices were reasonable, and they have some of the most beautiful bra and panty sets (perfect for that special holiday coming up!) as well as plus size lingerie.

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