Happy Dance–Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses Are In!

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Picture Snoopy… When he gets really happy his little dog feet turn into flippers that propel him into the air–his own little "happy dance", long before that term was coined.

That was me, last night, when my favorite UPS guy brought in two giant boxes from Justin Alexander and Sincerity. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE SO PRETTY!!! Giant ballgowns! Here's my fave:


It's Justin Alexander 8484 and yes, the ruffles go all the way down to the bottom, but no, it won't make plus size brides look bigger because this dress is beautifully proportioned. It's definitely not your traditional wedding gown, ladies: this dress makes a statement!

I love this one, too:


It's   Justin Alexander 8487. Check out the detail work on the bodice:


But my favorite part is actually the back. It's soooo dramatic. I don't care if you're getting married in a church or outside in a park (those "what can you where in which locale" rules are meant to be broken, anyway), your guests will be left speechless. Check it out:


We can't wait to get this dress on some of our brides. And when we do, we'll post photos so you know how it'll look on a curvy girl (my bet: amazing!)!


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  1. Sasha

    I ordered style 8487 in january for it came in my local bridal shop really early…Now I’m getting ready to do my first fitting..

  2. Ann C

    You’ll have to send us a photo after your wedding–we love seeing brides in their dresses!

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