Plus Size Boudoir Photo Shoot–Here’s Pam!

Strut consultant and bride Pam M. took part in our first ever Curvy Girl's Night Out–A Boudoir Photo Shoot here in our Phoenix wedding dress store. With five other area brides, Pam picked out some sexy outfits and had her hair and makeup done (by hair and makeup expert Wade Lee) for her photo shoot by Olivia Womack.

Wow, right?! So when you purchase a photobook by Olivia, she retouches your images just a bit, so you get flawless looking skin, just like Pam.

During the boudoir photo shoot, each bride gets two outfits. In the photo above, Pam is wearing a little tulle petticoat over special panties. These "fancy pants" featured music notes, which were a theme in her recent wedding to Jason.

For the boudoir photo shoot, we brought in lots of fun jewelry and accessories for the girls to borrow. In these next two shots, Pam shows off some bling:


We encouraged our brides to bring in articles of clothing that might be meaningful to their significant others (hey, bras and panties are fine, too, but dress shirts and other attire can be even sexier!), so Pam snuck out Jason's prized Cardinal's jersey (we love how this shot shows off her e-ring, too!).

Getting creative, we added a garter and veil to complete the look:

We love the softness that the veil adds!

So, ladies, our next plus size photo shoot is scheduled for Friday, July 22nd. If you're looking for a great groom's gift, anniversary or Christmas present, or just want to do it for yourself, consider booking a session! Call us at 602.252.4414 for more information.

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