Spring 2011 and Beyond Brides–What’s On Your Wedding Dress Wish List?

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Twice a year my partner and I go to the National Bridal Market. We're buying dresses for the upcoming season, talking to our current vendors, looking for amazing new lines, and checking out upcoming trends. My wish list for our September trip includes the following:

  • Beaded belts (hello, waistline!)
  • Shorter boleros (to cover just the upper arms and none of the beautiful dress!)
  • Wedding dresses with black on them (such a huge trend!!)
  • Bigger ball gowns (we hear ya–more "schmaltz"!!)
  • Ball gown wedding dresses in larger sizes (there's a story behind our sizes, believe me!)
  • More destination, beach and informal wedding dresses.

The list is a combination of trends I've seen but also requests from brides. Remember, we're getting a half dozen or so more short and tea length style wedding dresses in the next couple of months, so we've got that covered!

So, Phoenix area brides, what are you looking for in your wedding dress? Any trends you've noticed that we should keep our eyes open for when we go shopping? Any dresses you've seen advertised that you absolutely love? We'd love your input and say thank you so much for it!

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