Tracey’s Enchanted Sedona Wedding

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Tracey and Chris were to be married at the EnchantmentResort in Sedona on May 27th, 2011, so when she came shopping at Strut, we knew we needed to find a dress fit for such a stunning locale. It was to be a small wedding, with about 35 guests in attendance. And, in a slight twist on tradition, Tracey and Chris chose to have the cocktail hour BEFORE the ceremony.

We'll walk you through their special day in this series of awesome photos fromPuruhito Photography.

The super awesome Wade Lee traveled to Sedona to do hair and makeup for Tracey. Here he works his magic in the bathroom of her suite:

Tracey and Chris-30 

Next is a close up of Tracey's wedding dress. She wore an aline gown made of organdy, a lightweight, flowy yet elegant fabric. Tracey added the flutter sleeves to the beaded straps.

Tracey and Chris-39 
Here Wade helps lace up Tracey's corset back. Wade saved the day: as Tracey tells the story, her friend designated to lace her gown was running late and Wade declared he had "seen it done a number of times", so he stepped in to assist.

Tracey and Chris-71 
He laced like a pro! We couldn't have done it better ourselves!

Tracey brought to her bridal appointment a couple of special guests, two stuffed animals that were special to her and Chris. Fittingly, they carried in the rings during the ceremony while riding a remote controlled car.

Tracey and Chris-134 
Here are a couple of photos of Tracey and Chris :

Tracey and Chris-219 
Tracey and Chris-314 

Of course we love the detail shots, too, so here's a great close up of Tracey's wedding bouquet (note the added sparkles!):

Tracey and Chris-292 
And the cake–we love the elegant simplicity of it:

Tracey and Chris-432 
We can't imagine a more beautiful place to get married than in this courtyard:

Tracey and Chris-429 
But it gets better–their wedding ceremony was during sunset, and as the sky darkened, the twinkle lights came on in the trees. What a beautiful resort!

Tracey and Chris-564 
Finally, we had to show you Tracey and Chris's guest book: their wedding guests painted their well wishes on a canvas for the newlyweds to hang in their house. What a great reminder of a wonderful day!

Tracey and Chris-933 
What a wonderful day for a wonderful couple. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of it!

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