Something Blue… And Sparkly!

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Even as a not-so-traditional bride, I still wanted to follow the old "something old, something new" tradition, complete with a sixpence that was my mom's (alas, we pinned it in my dress, because the shoes were uncomfortable enough without a big coin in them). So I was flipping through the newest Bride magazine (looking at the wedding dresses!!) and found these:


Yep–blue heel rings. They have stretchy silver backing with blue crystals, and I think they're such a cute way to wear your "something blue".  A little odd? Perhaps. But hey, each bride gets to show her individuality in different ways. These would look awesome on white, ivory or silver shoes under your wedding dress.

If you're not into blue heel rings, how about a little rhinestone kiss peeking out from under your wedding dress? Check out this:

Diamond lips shoe clip

Truthfully, "real world Ann" kind of rolls her eyes at these, but "bride Ann" would've rocked them. In a heartbeat. Because your wedding day is your one day to have big hair, outrageous gemstones, smoky eyes… anything you want to wear with your dream wedding dress!

These awesome shoe clips (and other slightly odd accessories, such as boot sleeves) can be found at Erica Guiliani.

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