3 Tips for Making Any Bridesmaids Dress Fit Your Vintage Theme

We know that finding the perfect bridesmaid dress can be so hard–coordinating all your girls, finding a flattering style for different body types, appeasing different personalities… And on top of that you want them to fit your vintage-inspired wedding theme!

Well, we came up with three super easy ways to make nearly any dress fit your vision. First, a "before" the rules" shot of some bridesmaid dresses. 



These dresses are perfectly fine! And they already fulfill a major DO: definitely order a dress in chiffon. If you love a satin dress, ask your stylist if it can be ordered in another fabric for a small charge. But if you want that vintage-inspired look, you should:

  1. Pick appropriate colors. If you want a more romantic look, go for soft pastels. Blush pink and champagne are particularly hot. If you want to go more vintage or glam, dark brown and bronzes look great.
  2. Go for flowy hair and soft faces. Makeup and hair are key here–think long, flowy locks (or short with soft curls) and natural faces. Avoid formal styles like super-neat updos. If hair is worn up, be sure it's soft and a little messy looking.
  3. Pick great accessories. Think GOES WITH not MATCHES for this–use mixed metals and pieces that look a little worn to give it that vintage feel. And when your girls wear different dresses (or just different accessories), you'll get that slight boho-chic look!

The rules are so easy. Check out our after photo–similar dresses but they follow the rules to give it that vintage-inspired look.


There you go! So just pick a dress you love and trust us to help you make your vision come true! Leave us a note if you have any other tricks for finding the perfect bridesmaid dress.

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