Ann Finally Tries on Justin Alexander 8465… and Falls in Love

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When I was a real little girl my mom put me in frilly dresses with matching bloomers, and I just loved to twirl around and around. The tea length Justin Alexander 8465 wedding dress takes me back a *few* years, to my happy-go-lucky, twirly girl days. We've had this gown in our store for months and I hadn't tried it on yet, but after months of longing, Strut Hubby Jason helped me into it and took photos for me to share.

And it was love at first twirl.

Justin alexander 8465 
A lot of our brides wonder if this would make a good plus size wedding dress and we say yes, a wholehearted YES! Don't get me wrong–this wedding dress is super poufy, but you can always take out a layer or two of the tulle for a slimmer effect.

The cumerbund at the waist is really what makes it work on curvy girls–you define the smallest part of the body, so, as we like to say, everyone else thinks the rest is just the dress (it really covers heavier hips and thighs). For most brides (and definitely for my shape) I'd recommend changing this to a sweetheart neckline. The straight across bodice makes me look and feel a bit like a linebacker.

This is considered a tea length dress, though it's more just above the ankle on us shorter girls (I'm 5'4"). High heels would help this a lot. Here's a view where you can see where it would hit:

Side view 8465 
You can see that a great pair of heels would really help elongate my lines in this dress. The side view in 8465 isn't bad, either. I will say that very pear-shaped brides would have a harder time with this cut. The waist definition almost causes the full skirt to accentuate the tummy on some brides, so you'd definitely want to try it on.

Finally, you can see the look of joy on my face in this dress as J captured my twirl moment.

Yep, the Justin Alexander 8465 is as FUN to wear as it looks. Our Phoenix bridal store has the natural/cafe gown in stock. It also comes in all natural (ivory), as well as a floor length version. Give us a call if you'd like to try it on! Keep in mind, Justin Alexander is sloooooooowww, so their gowns are 4+ months out to order with no rush available. 


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  1. Helen

    I wore this dress at my wedding last weekend and I didn’t stop dancing or grinning all night… it made me feel like a superstar! 😀 I had the natural/ivory one!

  2. Shea

    Lovely!!! I’ve had my eye on this dress for a bit now… Thank you so much for posting real pics of it! I was excited to read Strut has an even larger sample size in stock to try on. I may have to make an appointment one day and fly into Phoenix for a weekend! You just never know 😉

  3. Ann

    Shea, we’d love to have you! We have brides that fly in from all over the US–we’re close to the airport!

  4. Shea

    Tempting… I’m seriously considering planning a weekend trip, I have yet to find a local bridal shop in Vancouver that even carries Justin Alexander 8465, let alone a sample close to my size (24/26). What sizes does the line run – I can’t find a size chart online.

  5. Shea

    Thanks much Ann 🙂 I’ll email you for an appointment when/if the man and I book a weekend getaway to PHX 😉

  6. Mariana

    Hi! I`m a brazilian bride and I`m absolutely in love with this dress… So, I decided to buy it abroad… I have to order it and I`m not sure about my size (we have a different measurement system in Brazil). I believe I look like the girl on the photo, so, could you please tell me what size thies dress is… You can send it to me by email ( if you don`t want to expose it in the blog… Please, help me if you don`t mind.

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