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Awhile back I posted about how I was drooling over the new Justin Alexander ballgowns that we just received. And I posted pictures from their website to show you my favorites. Well, I had the opportunity to put a plus size bride in one of them and wanted to share the results with you–proof these dresses look amazing on my curvy brides.

Meet Austin! Austin is not only a bride (Nov. '10) but she's also a model in our first ever fashion show this weekend. So when Austin strolled in and gave me her size, I thought, "I HAVE to put her in one of the new dresses!" So I did (because models wear whatever you give them, even if it's not their personal style. I LOVE models!). And here is the result:

Austin 1

And from the back:

Austin 2

Yep, it's official: I still love this dress. And you might be thinking, "It's beautiful, Ann, but I'm not 5'8", so how would it look on me?" And this is what I tell all of my brides who think they can't wear a certain style because they are shorter: it's all about proportions.

What do I mean by that? If you are shorter than Austin is (that's most of us, eh?), you can still rock this wedding dress on your big day if you have one of a couple of things: a big chest and big hair. Don't laugh–it's true! A large chest will help balance the big skirt, and big hair will give the illusion of height.

The other thing that helps is the corset back on this dress. This sample size was too big for Austin, so I couldn't pull it in to really cinch her waist. But in your size, the lace up back to the wedding dress will take off pounds (I promise!).

So come in and try on the dress that catches your eye, not the one that follows "the rules" for your body type. Rules shmules. It's your big day!

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    Thanks, Steph. Stop by and say hi sometime! Or, I’m off on Mondays. We should do lunch! 🙂

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